The Shop

We’re all about personal responsibility at Michaela. We expect every pupil to arrive at every lesson with a full complement of equipment.

We also believe in supporting our pupils to take responsibility. We encourage pupils to purchase a ‘back up pack’ which contains all of the equipment they might need for a few years – dozens of pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and so on. All items are sold at cost price.

We also have a small equipment shop that runs each morning before school. Pupils arrive at school in time to purchase anything they need for their pencil cases and work packs. I took over the running of the shop this year. It’s one of the most sought-after duties. People really enjoy playing shop, apparently.

Last week, I was late to arrive at my duty one morning. I dashed down the stairs, imagining hordes of children needing to purchase equipment for the new term.

I got to the hall to find that two of our Future Leaders – prefects – had already assembled the shop cabinets, asked for the change pot, set up the tally chart, and were deftly serving a quiet line of pupils.

We believe in personal responsibility, and we have pupils who live by that same belief. It was a lovely reminder of how far our pupils have come in the two short years we’ve had them.



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